Monday, December 16, 2013

Almost Ready For Christmas

We have been preparing for Christmas all month and I just realized that it barely over a week away. Crunch time now!! I haven't bought any presents yet and still haven't finished cross stitching Jacob's stocking let alone the ones for the boys. Looks like a plan B for stocking this year. Worse case scenario they use last years that are kind of young for them. I'm hoping plan B works out, I'll grab the supplies tonight for it. (I haven't been working on them like I should have been. I got distracted crocheting new scarves and throw blankets with the stitch I had just learned.)

I made some progress in the present department today, although I'm only half way done. Remember those list with prices the boys made the other day, I went back there today and bought from their lists.  Not only did I manage to complete all the Santa and mom shopping for the boys, it is all wrapped, tagged, and stored away. Now if I could just figure out what to get my parent's I'll be able to finish my shopping.

We are planning a visit with Santa sometime this week, when we have a free evening. I'm going to brave the mall and stand in the line for a couple hours so the boys can hand their list to one of Santa's "Helper Santa". If I'm lucky Jordan will even pose for the picture just to humor me.

Also I have to take the boys out shopping so they can "buy" presents for family members. They are getting older now and will be graduating from the dollar store; I have so many things that fall into the category of "Wow! What a creative figurine!" and "That sure will be useful". I love watching them shop, watching all the thought they put behind their gift choices. That's the important part of the gift anyways, the thought and they sure put some serious thought into what they get. They can spend more than an hour in the dollar store choosing "just the right" gift for everyone, I wonder how things will go now their budget is higher and in a store with more options. This will be fun to watch :)

They boys spent another 2 hours outside again today. After school they tossed their backpacks in the house and rushed out to turn a pile of snow into a hill to snowboard down. It was freezing out there too, below 10 degrees; I don't think the boys noticed it any though. All it takes is a couple inches of snow and they can't wait to get outside to play.

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