Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Bucket List- -More Snow Fun!!


We only got around to doing two things off our list this week. One didn't work out they way we have thought, live and learn. Both ended up being a great project idea, but for different reasons.

Our first one was snow art. After getting a couple feet f snow just a week before, it was melting quickly with the warmer temperatures and wet weather. We thought we better do it now, before we miss our chance (last year we have very little snow for the entire winter). After a quick stop at the dollar store to get mote spray bottles, and we lucked out and they had the same colors we were using. It's really simple, just fill spray bottle with water and a couple drops of food coloring (we don't "do dyes" in our house, but keep them on hand for crafts/projects). We just went out on the front yard and I set the boys loose. It took them a few minutes to figure out how hard of a spray to use, but once thy got he hang of it, they came up with some wonderful masterpieces. They were standing with their feet apart so they didn't step on their art work, but also so they didn't spray the dyes on their boots. Jacob was playing around and coloring in our footprints and accidently made a cool smiley face. We use really short spray bottles and I had to make several trips into he house to refill them. When I was younger my brother and I use to do this to decorate out snowman (and varies snow creatures), I don't know why I haven't of thought to so this with my boys before now. This s definitely something we'll be doing again on a snow day.

After playing in the snow making our pictures oh course we had to have hot chocolate. With the hot chocolate I put the container of mini marshmallows on the table. Joey reminded me that we were suppose to use the minis for our marshmallow igloos. I swapped them out for larger ones for our drinks and grabbed some craft paper. This turned out being another great in theory but not I practice projects. Jordan tried licking the mellows to get them to stick then opted for using glue like everyone else. (The marshmallows were going to get stale anyways may as well use glue.) The first layer worked well, but it was downhill fro there. It was too difficult to get the minis to balance and remain offset. We ended up using some of the larger marshmallows to help hold the smaller ones in place. None of them turned out the way we had envisioned them. I'm calling it a successful project though. Everyone completed theirs and there was a lot of table talk about different ways to try to get the marshmallows to cooperate. There were tons of smiles, giggles, and joking around; that makes it a successful craft. Also we got to munch on some marshmallows while during the craft :)

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