Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Morning At the Museum

Yesterday was a no school day for us, with it being MLK Day. With all the extreme cold days and snow days were all starting to get cabin fever. Over the weekend Grandma came across an article for free admission to The Henry Ford Museum. Although we had a couple things we needed to get done we thought we could squeeze in some museum time also. In order to get everyone where they needed to be, we had to get an early start (no sleeping in on our day off). We managed to get  to the museum five minutes before it open. Added bonus for getting there so early is you pretty much have the whole place to yourself, you know it will get crowded when everyone can get in for free.
We have been to this museum a couple times in the past. The last time was about two years ago. I try not to visit each museum too often, as the boys grow tired of seeing the same things and we lose some of the of the excitement of learning about history.

We started at one end with looking at the presidential cars and worked our way across the building. After the presidential cars we moved on to the older cars in different style (when did a 1984 minivan become an "old car"?) After working our way through the assortment of cars we made our way to the trains. There were a couple we could walk into and a cool train set they had set up and a couple of the trains had cameras on the fronts of them so you could see things from "the engineers" point of view.

We visited the plane exhibit were the boys really like listening to the recorded stories of  a few didn't pilots. We did some hands-on paper airplane designing and took them to the "flying strip" to try them out. I was pleased that the kids were really into listening and reading all the signs to everything, instead of just walking around looking at everything.

We also looked at the different styles of bicycles, houses, and household items from different times in history. Is a VHS player really old enough to be considered history, we still use ours? We walked through a favorite house of mine when we were there, The Dymaxion House. It has to be the use of household space ever. I love walking through there; it is futuristic looking (think "The Jetsons") and yet could work as a functional house.

 Then we made our way to the main attraction, the Avatar exhibit. This was really neat! The boys were able to compare their sizes to that of an Avatar in the movie. We were able to try our hands at "graphically designing" different plants into some movie scenes. I think one of our favorites at this exhibit was actually getting to be part of the interactive video. We were giving prompts as to where to walk and what hand motions to use while in basically a green screen box. After we were done with our 30 seconds of being an actor the museum emailed us our videos. Jordan's video malfunctioned some the animation didn't match up at all with the motions he had made.

We covered just about everything we wanted to see. Considering we only had two hours to see everything and still make it to our next appointment, I think we did fairly well.

After the museum we stopped by the Grandparents to grab the last bit a laundry that hadn't been dried in time last night as well as our cat, Otis. We took Otis down to have a kitty play date with Gracie seems they became good friends within the short time she stayed with us. Went we getting ready to leave Otis took off down into the basement and hid. 30+ minutes later, we decided to leave him there. "Maybe Otis wanted his turn to stay the night at Grandma's" was Joe's thought.  I thought I would be able to scoop up the cat and the laundry and be on our way. Not what happened, Otis hears the keys in the door and tears off the basement before I could snag him. Due to being in a time crunch, I grabbed the laundry and left. (My parents were surprised to see Otis still there when they got home from work).

On the way home we grabbed a drive thru lunch and managed to pull into the parking lot at the doctors with 5 minutes to spare. I figured it was time for a follow up with Jacob's doctor since they had not requested to see us after his scope. Also I wanted to let her know that I took him off the medication the GI prescribed. I'm really glad I made the appointment, the GI hadn't sent her and information about Jacob's scope back in September. I'm not one to change my kids prescriptions without seeing their doctor first, but his really was doing more harm than good. Jacob has had some rapid weight gain from is medicine. which is one of the side effects. He went from a boys size 7 to a boys size 8 Husky and those were snug on him. His poor little belly was bloated and distended most of the time and he had gained about 20 pounds. Thankfully the doctor agreed that taking him off the medicine was a good move. He is only taking ginger root once daily and that seems to work for him. Actually we're going to take another look at his diagnoses. With or without the medication we had taken away he has t been getting sick. While he did/does have some symptoms of CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) he is no effected as severely as most children (or adults).

After the doctors, it was a quick stop home to put the laundry away, a snack before heading across town for Jordan's basketball practice.

While we gave a an extra day to sleep in, we had a fun filled day and got a lot accomplished.