Sunday, January 5, 2014

What We Plan to Achieve in 2014

I have just realized I have not written at all so far this year!! Things around here have been kind of topsy-turvy, I have for the most part only had two of my children at a time. Jordan spent a few days spending some time with my parents, the day they dropped him off they picked up Joey so he could spend a couple days with them (he also brought in the New Year with them). Thursday and part of Friday we were all together before it was Jacob's turn to stay for a couple nights. Before dropping Jacob off we stopped by the skating rink near Grandma's to burn off some energy we hadn't been able to burn during some outside time. Also so we could spend some time doing something together as a family. I've gotta tell you dealing with just two children is much easier than having 3; although I wouldn't trade having the 3 of them for the world. Tomorrow (just after the "big snow storm" hits) we'll be heading back down to bring Jacob back home.

*With at least one kid out of the house at a time, we decided to forego Our Christmas Around the World, as we had planned to do these as a family. We will however finish working on Mexico with making the Three Kings Cake. Two out of eight, not bad for the lack of time and hectic schedule we had. It was more important to us for each of the boys to have some one-on-one time with their grandparents. We will attempt the six we missed during Christmas this year.

For us a new year means setting and revising goals.

We try to set resolutions every year, this year Jacob has chosen to renew his from last year which he did not reach, which was to grow a mustache. Just incase he misses it again this year he has a back up goal of sharing his stuff more. Joey tends to see the big picture of things and hopes to make more friends this year, he's taking account that he'll have different classmates when he enters fourth grade later this year. Jordan has slowly become more withdrawn the more he gets into some of his computer games, has decided to make a point of unplugging more and interacting with people outside of the computer screen. I have many goals for this year for myself, but can wrap it all up into an one word resolution, ME. I will be returning back to school to complete my teaching degree. I stress somewhat over my weight, but I just want to get healthier. I'm going to make sure to allow time for things I enjoy like crocheting, scrapbooking and reading, that isn't after 11:00 pm.

I have come to notice there will never be a "good time" for me to go back to school and finish my degree, there will always be class parties to attend and sporting events to watch. This year is my time to refocus on my own education. I have discussed going back to school with the boys and they understand I would rather be at their activities than sitting in class, but after I receive my degree than we will be able to move to a bigger house (one with our own backyard). Their only concern was that after I get my degree and we move that we will be able to get a dog.

Like many moms I make sure that my kids eat balanced meals (most of the time). That they get enough sleep, enough exercise, and enough fresh air. I limit their screen time. I however don't eat right, often skipping meals simply because I'm too busy or honestly just forget I haven't eaten. I'm awake half the night trying to get things done I didn't earlier in day or preparing for the next day. When the kiddos head to bed I spend too much time either on the computer or trying to catch up on tv shows. I'm making a point to remember that I have to take care of myself so I can properly care for them. The whole putting your own mask on first thing.

I try to squeeze in a couple chapters of a book when I can, or crochet during family movie time, but often feel guilty for not giving my boys my undivided time. I have gotten in the habit of sitting up late into the night to read or craft usually losing track of time and often heading to sleep just a few hours before we need to be starting our day. I have set up a chunk of time in which I can solely focus on myself and things I enjoy. I may just catch up all my scrapbooks this year (I can only hope).

We have also set a couple family goals this year, 1) continue with the seasonal bucket lists. 2) each person read 100 books. 3) get more organized. As Jordan is getting older I'm realizing that I only have so much time with them before they are off doing their own things or moving away to college. We all enjoy doing the bucket lists and I want to get as much out of the years that go so quickly with them as we can. The goal of 100 books is basically to encourage reading. I have one who is a very reluctant reader, but all of them love logging what they have accomplished (hence the bucket lists). I know most of us will surpass the 100 mark, but I want to keep it reachable. Also my boys can be pretty competitive and seeing that their brother is ahead of them book wise will motivate them to grab a book. I have moved some of their books from their normal shelf and placed them in the family room so they will be more accessible. My boys live in organized chaos much of the time, I prefer a place for everything and everything in it's place. While I have visions of shelves and containers all labeled with what it contains, I know that's not going to happen. We're working with baby steps. That homework actually goes into the homework folder not just shoved in their bag. For them to know when an assignment is due and maintain their student planners. Their rooms don't have to be my standard of clean, but I should be able to walk across the room and not risk twisting an ankle. I'm hopeful they may even keep their desks/lockers somewhat organized so when I need to grab a book for them I can actually locate it. Of course we will be still be working toward our goal of 1000 Hours outside (YTD total hours 15.00)