Monday, January 6, 2014

Getting the Snowball Rolling on Our Bucket List (and Link up)

We started of Winter Bucket List before we even finished writing out our complete list. With Christmas came warmer temperatures and the snow quickly started to melt. Not wanting to miss the chance to hit the snow hill during our winter break, be headed down in hopes there would still be enough snow to send us fly down the hill. There were a couple spots that were green and muddy, but still enough in other spots to brush up on our snowboarding skills (the boys not mine, I don't snowboard). Unfortunately the sides of the hill that had enough snow were too steep for the boys to attempt snowboarding down and we only thought to bring one sled with us. After about and an hour and half the agreeing over the sled started and it was time to get off the hill. While they were sledding I was able to capture a bunch of pictures, because the weather was so warm that I didn't need to keep gloves on while clicking away.

On the way to the car the boys decided they weren't ready to leave, but still couldn't decide on a rotation of the sled. We stopped by the completely unattended playground and tested the snow to see if maybe we could get some snowmen started. While the snow was packable there just wasn't much of it. We were able to piece together one snowman with it being a group effort. While Jordan and I struggled to lift the pieces into place Joey and Jake found some kids having a snowball fight nearby and joined them. With our basic snowman standing tall, the boys came back to help accessories him. Trying to find arms for creation Joey found a pine branch which worked well as a Mohawk. While Joey and I headed towards the trees to pick out some suitable arms, Jordan and Jake used pinecones for the facial features. Jordan used some twigs to add some eyebrows. The final touch was one of our snowboards. Joey named this one "Fredrick, the Snowboarding Snowman".

On the way out we took a couple minutes to appease mom and make some snow angels then the pay back of throwing a couple more snowballs (at mom) before heading home for hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is was more out of habit than actual need, after all it was 45 degrees out.

This past week we stayed with the snow theme and made our paper snowflakes that will bring a festive touch to our front window. The boys had actually made so many that we have a number of snowflakes hanging on our kitchen wall. They attempted to make some mini snowflakes but most ended up looking more like racer pods from Star Wars.

With a big snow storm heading our way we got a jump on things and had a snow ball fight in the mist of all that snow coming down. Our original plan was to make a snow family in the center of Papa and Grandma's yard. The snow would not cooperate for snowmen, but was great for snowballs. I was surprise that the boys actually throw snowball around for and hour before Papa called them in to head to the archery lesson. While there were some tears along the way they were quickly ended when everyone teamed up against the offender (all in good fun though).

That's four items from our list this week. Join our link up and share what you have marked off from your lists this week.