Friday, January 24, 2014

Family Of Four With "Four-eyes"

Today was a planned day off of school for Joey and Jacob, and Jordan was to have a half day for the end of the term. They all ended up having the day off school again due to extreme temperatures. We stayed hunkered down in the house with the exception of an eye doctor appointment for the two younger boys.

Joey has needed reading glasses for the past two years. Jacob recently has been complaining about seeing "colored dots". We weren't sure if the "dots" were a vision issue or if it was from migraines caused by his CVS. Turns out that it's kind of both, Jacob has been having migraines (thankfully without really noticing and without any to much pain). Also he needs to have readers, which will help improve his reading fluency. We'll be able to pick them up in few days.

Joey eyes are about ready to "switch" , currently he'll still need the readers, but soon will need glasses for distance instead. He hasn't been wearing his glasses as he should because he broke them and shortly after getting them fixed the arm fell off. He'll be receiving his new plastic glasses within a couple days. I think the plastic ones hold up better with children.

I went to the same doctor a week ago and was surprised to hear "You're eyes aren't too bad. They're about average for someone in their 40's.", I'm barely into my 30's! I'm suppose to wear mine for distance and when I drive. Honestly I don't wear them like I should, the glare off oncoming traffic makes it more difficult to drive. Then I got some more bad news; I'm on my way to needing bifocals. I was in need of some readers, but have to still (actually) wear my old pair for driving. I was able to pick up my glasses during the boys' appointments.

We all have almost matching glasses. We have all opted for plastic this time around. Jordan has full black , Joey ordered dark gray, Jacob is  getting black with a hint of blue, and mine are black with pink.

Jordan is the only one who didn't have his eyes rechecked, but will getting them done in the very near future.