Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The current temperature outside,
 at the time I'm writing this post.
I know that everyone has been experiencing colder than average temperatures, but it has been beyond frigid around here. So cold that we have been out of milk for two days and I refuse to bundle everyone one for a quick run to the store to get some. School has been canceled so often that it's starting to feel like an extended winter break, not that I'm complaining. Cabin fever hasn't really set in at my house yet, but I think we're getting close.

My kids miss being outside for our usual snow fun. So much so that they are even asking to go out to shovel snow, anyone's snow as long as they can get outside. I'm a bit of a fanatic about clear walkways  and I haven't even been trying to keep up with the snow, it's too cold. To help keep the boys from going stir crazy we have been trying to keep busy.

We have done some of snow themed Winter Bucket List activities while staying nice and warm inside the house. I have even loosened the reins on electronic time. While they aren't allowed to sit and stare mindlessly at any screens all day long, we have been rotating computer, video games, and TV time. To help expel some of the energy that has been building up we have been playing games that involve moving our whole bodies; like Xbox Ultimate Sports on the Kinects and hide and seek in the dark. While are new neighbors are not fully moved in the boys have been running through our house playing ninjas and the Nerf guns had come out.

We have also been spending a lot of time reading and Jordan has been helping me make some Granny Squares out of extra yarn for a blanket I have been slowly putting together. (I think getting him crocheting the other day helped spark his interest in the craft.)  Also we have been working our way through some home videos on VHS we borrowed for Papa. I'm loving going down memory lane and the boys are getting a kick out of the 80's hair and clothes styles. Watching their faces has been fun as they get to see uncles when they actually had more hair, and the "Duck Dynasty" beard Papa use to have. It has been a great opportunity to share with them parts of my childhood and how close our family was, as well as pass on knowledge of family members that had gone to Heaven before my boys were born.

I know that all the snow/cold days has some parents ready to pull out there hair, but I have been loving the "extra" time I have been getting to spend with my favorite kiddos. Yes, I love getting a break from them while they are at school, but I love having them with me even more. I can always enjoy quiet time after they are all grown and moved out of my house. To me I guess it's a matter of how you see all the snow/cold days, you can dread having your kids cooped up inside or see it as a blessing- time you would of had not otherwise had to enjoy spending together.

We have inadvertently completed some of our bucket list items just by hanging out and having fun. However we're not counting the dance parties, mom VS kids on video games, or board game day towards our list just yet. We're saving those so we can do them again later, as they happened to just be something we did.

I know Jordan is looking forward to going back to school as he still has a midterm to do and his last basketball game. Seems the semester is at an end, he can't wait to see what his new schedule will look like and which electives he'll get. While typing this I received an email that the boys will have another day off. He'll have to wait at least one more day to get back to school.