Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Every Day Holds It's Own Adventures

Having everyone back home again and waking well rested we thought we'd do some fun things on yet another snow day from school. We lounged around for a good part of the morning, everyone was enjoying some screen time so I thought we'd cash in one of our Christmas presents, a gift card for the four of us to go see a movie. I go to hop into the shower and there is only a trickle of water. Uh Oh! Turns out while we were away at my parents I forgot to let the sinks run again when we returned and my pipes had froze. Blessedly with the exception of one toilet and the kitchen faucet. This is my first  ever experience with frozen pipes, and not one I wish to repeat. I turned on all the faucets and the walls began to vibrate, thinking that probably wasn't a good sign I called for back up who had more experience than I. After a call to our wonderful maintenance guy who was just across the street helping a friend of mine with a similar problem, came to our rescue. Turns out the answer to our problem was as simple as cutting a hole a little bigger than a foot squared into our downstairs bathroom. That's when we learned there is little to no insulation up there. After about an hour and a bit of help from a heat gun we were good to go. I just had to make sure to let all the sinks trickle water so they don't refreeze up.

Having some down time before the next showing of our chosen movie. We started the process of making our Rosca de Reyes (3 King Cake) to finish off our Mexico part of Christmas Around the World. Finally time to head out to see Frozen, it seemed fitting for today due to our pipes becoming Frozen and it being below freezing today. We get to the theater with just enough time to get our tickets and some snacks. I requested four tickets and went to pay...that's when I realize our gift card isn't for the same theater we were at. I had purposely left my purse at home only taking what I knew I needed; I can't stand setting my purse on the grimy, sticky floors. When I set it on the chair next to me I always seems to slip through the seat and still end up on the floor. it just works better to leave it behind (usually).  There would be no show today for us, we do plan to go to the correct theater this weekend and finally watch our movie.

To soften the blow of no surprise movie we grabbed a couple videos from the video store and a couple pizzas. Thanks to our friends at Homeschool Camper we learned from their Facebook page that this week is National Pizza Week and today turned out to be the best day to appreciate having a couple slices. We spent most of the evening watching the movies the boys had picked out and snacking on pizza. We were also able to finish our Rosca de Reyes which we had for an after dinner snack. (More about our cake tomorrow).

In the mist of the movie watching and cake baking we have been fighting to keep the house warmed up, that hole in the ceiling sure is letting in the below zero temperatures. Having the oven on while baking helped but so did all those blankets I have been crocheting. That and movie time around here is also cuddle with mom time. I think the movie watching also helped us from going bonkers from hearing the constant trickle of water all day long and hearing it in surround sound. So movie night at home ended up being an unexpected blessing.

Not exactly how we planned our snow day, but things seem to always work out. I can't wait to see what today's snow day brings us.