Monday, September 30, 2013

Starting our Fall Fun

We started our Fall Fun Bucket List this past weekend. We visited one of our favorite Metro Parks and spent the better part of the day there. We started with parking near the nature center and having a fall picnic, then it was off the walk the nature trail. Jacob had wanted to take the shortest path and Jordan wanted to take the longest one, we compromised and walked the 1.25 mile trail. While on the trail we searched for item to use on our "Nature" picture that we plan on doing this weekend. Jordan keep picking on us for stopping every two feet to pick up a cool leaf or an acorn. I love when we slow down any enjoy the beauty of nature around us. We took many pictures of different things at different stages of changing colors. We found some critters along the way like a tiny wood frog that crossed our path, 2 chipmunks, and countless Daddy-long leg spiders. While near on open field we were surround by a dozen butterflies flying near us.

We stopped by the nature center to see what things have changed within the last month since we'd been to visit. We were able to  get a close up look at some baby snapping turtles which had recently hatched. From there we parked near the park and unloaded the bikes. We had started following the paved trail, but ended up taking an off road path instead. While on the paved path the boys saved a praying mantis from becoming road kill. I had tried shooing it into the grass with my bike tire, but that didn't work instead it climbed onto my tire and refused to let go and crawled its way us towards me; Jordan came to my rescue with the use of a stick. On our off road journey the boys stopped and attempted the fitness trail. After an interesting bike ride, we spent some time at the playground before heading home.

On a side note, yesterday my scouts had their first scouting event and attempted to get people to buy popcorn. Next time I think we're not going to take the earliest shift, they weren't able to sell much but not from lack of trying. This week they're going to get into their uniforms and start going door to door (under my watchful eye).

Last week they attended their first pack meeting and raced rockets they had constructed. Jacob's came in 2nd place for his race, Joey's came in first for his race. For the winner circle's race Joey came in 3rd. Jordan was even able to race his in the sibling race, he came in 3rd.