Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's Been A Very Long Week

What I've heard from many other parents this week, my kiddos aren't the only ones who have been "off". It has been a week filled with many melt downs, tons of attitude, and very little patience. We did have some brief moments at least once or twice a day when everyone was in a good mood. I managed to make it to Friday before I started having an attitude with all the attitude in and around our house. My many attempts to pull everyone out of their funk were short lived. We attempted our soda geysers again, and when they still didn't work correctly the boys were very vocal about their disappointment. It was a long week.

It has been a week full of the boys looking for reason to ague. A week full how unfair everything is. A week full of raised voices. A week of shoving. A week full of blaming everyone for everything that has gone wrong. Although there was no "major issues" this week, everything was seen as a major issue or injustice. It was a week were they all seemed to feel like the universe was out to get them (on Friday I was starting to feel like the boys were out to get me). It was a long week.

A week of spills on the freshly cleaned floor. A week of snack grounded into the carpet. A week when the garbage bag split. A week that every dish in the house was used every day. It was a long week.

Also it had been a week full of season illnesses. A week that was thrown out of routine. A week full of restless nights for most of us. A week with more assigned homework. 

Finally there is some peace in the house. Finally they are sharing. Finally the grumpy one for today is hiding out in his room reading and/or drawing. Finally the shoes are put where they belong. Finally the homework is completed. Finally everyone caught up on lost sleep. Finally it is Saturday. It was a long week.

How did everyone else's week fair for them? Did you also have a long week?