Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Will Work For Screen Time

Like most moms I spend a good amount of time doing household chores. I don't require my boys to do chores, but they are expected to clean up after themselves. My take on "chores" is that if something needs to be done, then do it. They also don't receive and allowance for two reasons 1. you shouldn't get paid for what you should be doing anyways. 2. I honestly can't afford to give them money for helping with anything above what is expected. Usually they are pretty good about helping when asked (even if I have to ask more than a couple time). However they seem to be slacking a bit lately and there are some things I usually do that they could help with.

We have a strict no electronic policy Monday-Thursday. Yep, no TV, DS, IPods, or computer (unless it is school related and mom approved educational) . Which makes electronic minutes a great currency.

I posted a Work for Hire sign and some tasks that need to done. They are given 48 hours to claim a job before I'll pull them. Every job lists what the payout will be upon completion. The more time consuming the higher the payment; 30 minutes for putting away everyone's laundry and sorting all the socks. Every job is first come, come first serve. They must complete all their homework before starting a job. They can choose whichever jobs they would like or none at all, there are no consequences for not taking a job. If they don't complete their job within 24 hours of  choosing it, it will be reposted for the remaining 24 hours so the other boys to have an chance to earn the minutes. Also if they need to "hire help" from a brother, they have to pay that brother half the minutes for the job.

When the boys came home from school Jordan was the first to notice the opportunity and snatched up the job with the highest payout. The other boys soon followed. While they were all busy doing their jobs I actually enjoyed a hot cup of coffee while I sorted the paperwork from their backpacks. After a quick check from mom to make sure they completed their task the best they could, they receive a "mom money" for the allotted amount of minutes.

I had the whole kitchen to myself to prepare dinner, the boys were quickly burning through their minutes earned. Joey was disappointed when his time ran out halfway through a race he was playing. He said "Don't turn it off, I'm taking another job!!" I HAVE TO FINISH THIS RACE!" Luckily today there were enough jobs, so he could earn more time.

Thanks to the boys helping out we were able to finish the evening duties early and had some extra fun with mom time. Jacob saved some of his electronic minutes so he could have me play a video game with him.

While I don't really like any electronics on during the week, I can live with it knowing it will not be an everyday opportunity. They don't have to use their time earned that day, they can roll it over. The boys were excited about earning electronic time, they wouldn't have jumped at the chance to clean the litter box otherwise. It was like they were "getting away with something" by playing the video games during the week. However everything is all caught up and they'll have to wait for more job to be posted before they can earn more time.

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