Friday, October 25, 2013

Today I Offically Have A Teenager!!

He's a fan of Minecraft, so I made him a creeper cake.
Today I officially became the mother of a teenager. It still feels like just yesterday they placed my 9lb 6oz baby in my arms. I'm so very proud of the young man Jordan is becoming. Although 13 is a big deal, we're keeping things simple. We usually keep birthdays small and make sure to incorporate our birthday traditions. We started the day with donuts for breakfast (this is a tradition Grandma started when we lived with them), we do this for all the boys birthdays. Every year I bring the boys something special to school for lunch and  have lunch with them. This is one of my favorite traditions we have, it gives me time with my birthday boy without the other brothers vying for my attention. This year I was a bit worried that Jordan would think he's "too cool" or "too old" to have his mom sit with him for lunch, thankfully that wasn't the case. I was able to meet some of his new friends while he shared his pizzas and cupcakes with them. It's kind of funny how many people suddenly want to be your friend when you have a couple pizzas sitting at your table :) Jordan loved the attention and pointing out only his buddies would be joining us.

We had a small party just the four of us with dinner of his choice (more pizza of course), a cake made my mom (and ice cream of his choice), and opening presents from us. Part of his present from me is visiting a haunted house, since last year's gift of a haunted hayride was a flop; but we have to wait to have a babysitter before we can go. I pulled out the scrapbooks (the ones I have finished) and flip through them and I told the boys what Jordan was like when he was younger. He's gets to stay up late and watch a movie (of his choice) with mom, I think he's going to make me watch a creepy, scary, things that go bump in the night movie (I don't do well with spooky movies).  Maybe we'll watch Friday the 13th, seems he's 13 on Friday :P

We'll have another small party over the weekend with the grandparents and a store bought cake, ice cream, and of course more presents.

2 Rick Riordan books
The Kane Chronicles
Sketch pencils, charcoal pencils,
 sketch pads, and art portfolio.
Duck Dynasty Fuzzy PJ pants.