Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making Progress

Progress reports came home this past week. I was both pleasantly surprised and not so pleasantly surprised at how my boys have been doing. I was really looking forward to receiving their progress reports to see how they have been adjusting academically to their new schools.

 Jacob had always been in the top percentile in his class, when his report showed that he wasn't I started taking a closer look at his assignments that he has brought home. The system the school uses for the second graders is different than I'm use to. Instead of letter grades they use 1-3 scale, one being that they have a good understanding in the subject and three being they need some improvement. Jacob had mostly 2's. What really confused me was some of the comments next to his scores. For reading he's only receiving a 2 and the comment is that he needs practice to read a level; Jacob reads at almost a fourth grade level. I have saved all his assignments and tests he has taken from his first day of the school year. All his papers (in all subjects) have an A, with a few B's thrown in there. I'm seriously wondering if the teacher made a mistake and was looking at a different students grades when she fill out his grade thus far. I have sent her an email to see about setting up an appointment time to review his grades, because the grades shown do not reflect the work Jacob does are the knowledge he has in those subjects. That was not a pleasant surprise, I hoping that there was an error somewhere and we can straighten it out. Jacob was very upset that his report was not close to the highest possible; he worries a great deal about his grades.

Joey had a progress report that I was pleasantly surprised with. He has earned A's and B's, and a C+. This is huge for him!! He has struggled so much in the past, and worked hard to earn C's. There aren't even words to describe how proud of him I am. He's still working hard to earn the grades he has, but isn't struggling. He has asked me to meet with his teacher to discuss the behavioral portion of the report. Not surprising to me the teacher reported that he still needs some improvement in this area, this has been an ongoing learning process for Joey. Joey feels he has done very well with completing assignments and hasn't been talking out of turn in the class; and would like his teacher to tell me this as it is not reflected on the progress report. Overall, I think the switch in schools was exactly what Joey needed.

Jordan, the sly child; when we went to his conference he told me that I didn't need to go to the table set up near the front that they were just handing out each kids list of teachers, actually they were handing out the progress reports. While his grades aren't as well as I know the could be, I wasn't surprised by them. The school (like many others) has a parent portal set up, where I can check in on his grades as well as grades received on assignments (or any missing assignments). I'm very grateful for this program, it appears that middle school aged children seem to forget to bring a lot of papers home. I have stopped in a couple times already and spoken with some of his teachers for various reasons, so I wasn't too shocked at his grades. He has some work to do to pull a couple of his courses back up to where they should be. I think before basketball tryouts begin, his grades will be back to honor roll standards.

After seeing their progress reports, I conclude that all 3 of them have adjusted rather nicely to their new schools and seem to be on the right track. Especially Joey, I have seen a HUGE change in him and his confidence level. I now feel that I had diffinately made the right desion my switching them.