Monday, October 21, 2013

"Batty" for Apples- Bucket List Update

After visiting the cider mill last weekend, we have apples galore. To tackle our abundance of apples we did a couple of our apple themed bucket list activities. For snack on Friday we took turns bobbing for apples. Figuring it was gross to bite an apple after someone else had already tried to, we only put a couple in for each person. They had so much fun with this that spent more time re-bobbing for their apples than actually eating them. After they managed to splash most of the water out of the bowl it was time for some peanut butter, raisins, and actually eating their snack.

When we originally made our bucket list we had hoped for an Indian Summer. However with the temperatures dropping in the evening like they have been it looked like we weren't going to get to do our "bat hunt". Rather than write it off, we switched it up a bit. I grabbed what I could find of our black construction paper and made our own bats. At twilight we went up to one of our nearby parks and while they boys were busy putting ductape on the back of the bats I ran around the park "hiding" them. It had gotten dark quickly and we resorted to using flashlights to search for the bats. We started out with 18 bats, but were only able to find 12. Somehow the others seemed to have flown away.

We used a decent amount of apples up by making apple pies. They boys couldn't decided what kind of top crust they wanted to make so we made two pies. They were really into it from the peeling the apples to laying the top crust. We forgot to tinfoil the edges and one of the pies was a wee bit crispy on the edges. Jordan did an awesome job with his lattice top and made sure to remember the foil this time. We enjoyed our pies with Papa and Grandma the following day.