Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jacob's Trip to Children's Hospital

This morning Jacob and I got up early and headed down the Children's for a scope and biopsy, in hopes of getting some answers as to why he continues to have vomiting episodes. Things surprisingly went rather quickly. After driving around searching for a parking spot (for so early in the morning, the structure was pretty full), we found on finally on the 10th floor. We were running a few minutes late and I wasn't real sure as to where we needed to go. Luck for us, there was a nurse walking in at the same time and she walked us to admittance. The wait there was only maybe 5 minutes and soon we were on our way up to the waiting room. Again another short wait, we were able to play one electronic game of checkers before being called back. Once in our little room, we had a bunch of different people come introduce themselves and ask questions. Jacob got to change into some really unflattering pajamas, then we watched some cartoons for a bit. Jacob's doctors checked in with us and okayed for me to accompany Jacob to anesthesia. everyone was really good about making sure I knew what to expect and that Jacob know what was going on. Jacob was asked what smells he would like in his mask to help him get sleepy. He asked for pizza, then popcorn, and settled on strawberry because they didn't have his first two suggestions. At 9:00 they placed the strawberry scented mask on him and at 9:05 it was lights out. Thankfully it was very calm and Jacob didn't become agitated.  I went back to the waiting room and watched the monitor that updated parents on what stage their child was in. So I know that his surgery started at 9:18 and he was done and moved to recovery 1 at 9:30. I was called back to sit with him at 9:45. Jacob hadn't awoken gracefully. The poor little guy was so out of it and just wanted to wake up. He wasn't happy that he didn't have much control over his hand to bring the popsicle to him when he wanted. He became very aggressive when he insisted he had to use the restroom and we wouldn't give him privacy; he still was really wobbly on his feet. Around 10:15 Jacob finally fell back to sleep and slept until 11:30 when he woke as my sweet Jacob again.

 I was able to talk with his doctor. He didn't see any damage during the scope and also seen no evidence of celiac disease. We were given some picture that were taken, Jacob is looking forward to taking them to school tomorrow to show his friends. Jacob is to stay on the Prilosec and was given a script for another medication to take 3 times a day.

I suffered along side with Jacob and hadn't had anything to eat and only a couple sips of coffee, so we were both extremely hungry on the way home. We stopped for Mickey D's, probably not the best choice but it was close and it what Jacob wanted. I was a little worried about him eating something greasy so soon after the procedure, but he didn't react to it. He's suppose to take it easy today, so we'll be watching cartoons and movies and vegging out.
 He's been doing well, since we left the hospital. I stocked up on popsicles incase his throat was sore, but he says it isn't bothering him. He seems to have a rough wake up, but bounces back quickly.

We don't have another appointment with the GI for awhile, but they'll be calling to follow up in a couple days. As much as I hope there is nothing "wrong" with him, I hope we'll learn why this has been going on and the best way to end it or ease it somewhat.

Thank you everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts.