Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School

The first day of school looks a little bit differently to each family. Some are dressed in uniforms and some are not; some are returning to schools they know, new schools, or home school. No matter what your kids are wearing or which type of school they attend, the first day back is a big deal. They are excited about moving up in grades and making new memories.

This year for us, we have a lot of new. New school, new routine, new school dress code, and the opportunity for new friendships. In the past my boys have always had to wear uniforms and the only decision they had to make was do I wear the blue or maroon, this year they can wear pretty much whatever they want. Last night it was a process that took about 20 minutes for them to decide what would be the best First Day outfits. Times like these I'm thankful I have 3 boys instead of 3 girls.  :)

Our daily routine has changes due to the boys having different start times. It was just Jordan and I up and moving this morning, the other 2 get to enjoy an extra hour of sleep. After dropping him off and he's blending in much too quickly with the crowd, that I can home and woke the other 2 boys. It was a rather smooth morning, but then again it's the first day back and they were excited to get to school.

Once the younger two got to school, they quickly found their lockers and stored away their belongings and found their desks. Joey has a classmate that we know from our old school. I also bumped into one of Jacob's friend's mom in the hallway, so he'll have an familiar face in his grade too. I took as many pictures as I could without embarrassing them and headed back to my quiet house.

I have to admit, although I miss having them here it is kind of nice to enjoy the quiet. I'm actually sitting down and blogging before 11pm. I cleaned up the house the morning and 3 hours later I still don't have to re clean it yet. I  know myself well enough that sitting in a quiet house won't last long, soon I'll be volunteering in classroom or lunchrooms, looking for a job, or returning to school. While the idea of having the place all to myself is still new and exciting I'll probably try to catch up on some things I can't do when the boys are home like the boxes of pictures that still need to go into the scrapbooks.

New to our school year is also half days, today is one of them. Shortly, I'll have go back and get my boys. So I'm going to go relish my quiet time, hot cup of coffee, and book until its time for them to come home and I get to hear their tales of how the first day went.