Thursday, September 19, 2013

Would Anyone Like to Buy Some Popcorn!!

Let the popcorn pushing sales begin!! I now have two cub scouts. I'm the proud mama of a wolf scout and a bear scout! Last week Joey and Jacob brought home information on a scout sign up night and very enthusiastically expressed their interest to join. We went to the meeting and signed them up. I figured I like the life skills the boy scouts offer and it would be a good way to make better acquaintances with their schoolmates. As it turns out Jacob's den leader is the father of one of his new buddies from school. Joey will also have his best friend from our old school in his den. Jordan not being one to be left out is going to be a den/pack helper for both of his little brothers, seems he has to tag along anyways and it looks good on college applications (I love that he's planning about his future).

Jordan was a scout for about 3 years before deciding it wasn't really his thing anymore. Last night he dug out his old uniform and books and started explaining to the younger  two how to earn the patches, belt loops, and beads. Being much like their mother, my boys jumped into scouting with both feet; being technically a scout for a whole hour they got to work memorizing the Cub Scout Promise and the Laws of the Pack towards earning their Bobcat badge. Jacob even took Jordan's old wolf book to school today to "study up" before tonight's den meeting. They are SO EXCITED! I believe Jacob's den is constructing rockets tonight for next weeks pack meeting. Poor Joey has to wait over a week before he'll get to meet with his group. He did receive a rocket kit last night to work on at home for the pack meeting.

They had their sign up night late, because the rest of the scouts have been meeting for about a month already which is why Jacob already has a meeting today. He's going to have to show up somewhat unprepared because between last night and today's meeting doesn't give me much time to get him his uniform and book. He's going to borrow Jordan's old one until I can get to the store to get all their gear they're going to need. Thankfully I have Jordan's old uniforms and can pass some of the things to the younger ones like the neckerchief, slide, and hat (I just have to remember where I stored them). Hopefully we'll get a chance this weekend to get them all scouting supplies.

Scouting has really filled up my schedule fast. Of course they meet on different days and in different locations and they meet every week, plus monthly pack meetings. Due to participating in scouting I have to switch their religious education classes, because they are the same days and times as scouts. Thankfully a good friend has helped get us connected with another church with class hours that will work for our new schedule. Things are going to get really interesting once Jordan's school sports start. (So much for finally getting an after school routine figured out)