Monday, September 9, 2013

Open House one of my Favorite Nights

The younger two had their open house tonight at their school. This is one of my favorite nights the schools offer (along with conferences). This is my chance to see where I can get involved within the school as well as their classrooms. Jordan had already reached the age where he doesn't really want me hanging around him at his school; while the other two still want me there as much as possible I'm more than willing to be there. Also it's the night I get to meet the teachers and make my own judgment of  rather or not they'll be a good fit for my boys. I have to say I haven't met many teachers who I didn't think would be able to reach my kids. From what I've seen I think I'm going to really like the teacher they have this year. I was also able to get a feel for how the classroom runs and the routine of their days.

While visiting Joey's class, I was allowed to sit at his desk. Being the nosey mom that I am, I started digging around his already clutter desk (he's been there what...3 or 4 days!?!) and I happened across a couple assignments. Hmmm. I asked the teacher about them and sure enough he told her they were at our house and had told me he had no homework, the little stinker. Turns out they were due Friday, so Joey was granted permissions to stay inside while his brothers played outside so he could complete the assignment. I know open house isn't the time to ask about your child specially, but I just wanted to check and make sure he was adjusting alright. Thankfully he's had no trouble making new friends, but he's been walking around the room during class time and getting to know the other students, even helped one with the assignment (the same one he was avoiding doing). Good intentions I guess, we'll have to work on keeping him seated.

Jacob has told me that he has had homework but finishes before school's out for the day. I was skeptical after visiting Joey's teacher, but his teacher conformed he whips through the assignments plus completes that days homework assignment (and turns it in neat and correct).

I'm excited about attending the PTG (parent teacher group) meeting coming up in a couple weeks. I'm also not a fan of candy sales, but the school only does one a year so I think I'm going to let the boy's participate. They are also having a walkathon coming up, love seeing families getting up and moving together. Plus my all time favorite, in October they start putting their parent volunteers to work. I'm really impressed with some of the non food fundraising they do and the amount of volunteering opportunities they offer.