Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Resolution January Progress

I have a couple updates to share, but I'll do a quick update on how our year long goals have been progressing. I'll start with the not so positive so I can end things on a positive note :)

Jacob is still arguing, but has toned it down some. At least most of his arguments aren't with me anymore. The squabbles with his brothers are slowly decreasing. Jordan my sweet child, I swear he is going to be the death of me. He has his days when he's got things under control, and other days it's more of an hour by hour thing. These teenage years are much rougher than I had excepted. Joey was doing fantastic with his behavior. I think a major part of that is contributed to the brain balancing and brain gym exercises. This past week he has had some issues with mood swings, but that could be due to the medication. (I'll have a post soon to share about how things have been going for Joey.) I have made huge strides with curbing my sarcasm, I still slip but I have been making a effort to choose my words more wisely.

Everyone around here is slowly getting back into their groove of grabbing a book instead of a video game controller. The boys are excited that they are beating me both in number of books and pages read, I've only read book so far.

Now for my personal goals. Let's start with what I haven't started yet. I have not cut down on my coffee at all, this one will be one that takes most of the year for me to reach. I really do love my coffee. I've actually been doing worse in regards to cutting back on caffeine, I have slowly been bringing more Mt. Dew in the house. So I have to stop "doing the dew" again before I worry about my coffee consumption. I really don't like drinking Mt. Dew, but it lures me in with it's sugary goodness. Besides the amount of sugar, there are so many nasty things in it that my body really doesn't need. I know the yellow 5 gives me massive headaches, plus I hate the crash I get after the sugar high.

With all the caffeine coursing through my veins, I'm not getting bed early. Which means that I still am not getting up early enough for my workouts. I am how ever getting to bed earlier, with the exception to a day here or there. While a 1- 1:30 am is still too late to be heading to bed, it is much better than the 3 am I started at. Given that I've only been trying retrain my body for a few weeks I'm accepting that I am making progress with this one.

There isn't much cooking from scratch going on either. I feel that I need to clarify what "cooking from scratch" means to me. I'm not referring to the need to stop grabbing frozen tv dinners and nuking them. I honestly don't think my boys have every had a meal from the freezer. I'm talking about ditching my boxes of brownie mix and bags of shredded processed cheese products. I want to get the point that I'm making meals (and of course snacks) the way they did back in the day. I don't want to be feeding my boys (or myself) ingredients that I can not even pronounce. Now, I'm not even attempting to go all organic or organic at all for that matter. That may happen in the future but we're taking baby steps.

I have been setting aside a couple hours every Friday to do nothing other than scrapbooking. I've managed to complete 13 pages for our family album this month. I'm almost the 2012 album, than I'll move on the the boys' individual books to catch them up to 2012.

Other than tossing loose change into our vacation jar, there has been much done towards saving. The cable is still on, because my shows are starting their new seasons. :)

No couponing going on either, but I have a good reason for it. I forget to stop and grab the Sunday paper, because we found a church and have been there every Sunday. So the only thing this month I have made any real progress with is strengthening my relationship with God. I finally downloaded the youversion app and have been doing daily devotions. I also joined a growth group through the church and once a week my dad comes out to watch the boys so I can attend. I'm glad they call them growth groups instead of small groups, because we have have a decent amount of people in our group. The series we are working through was put together by Rick Warren, the author of A Purpose Driven Life; I really should dust off that book too. With the exception f my best friend I didn't really know anyone in the group. A few weeks into the series and I absolutely love the people in the group. They have made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. The best way I could describe our group is it has personality :) Lately I'm finding that I look forward to the beginning of each week, because it means church and group.