Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year Long Goals 2014, How Did We Do?

Our final 2014 year long goals update. I haven't done too well with keeping everyone update with our progress month by month. One of my goals for 2015 is to be consistent with blogging :) Here's how everyone has done this year with reaching their goals.

Jordan had set a goal of better managing his time on electronics. He had his moments when he managed well, and other times not so much. Over all he has done better than years past with finding other things to occupy his time with that didn't involve staring at a screen for hours. However, this is a goal he will still be working towards. Most of the time I had intervened, so he's still working on self- monitoring his electronic usage.

Joey reached his goal of making new friends. He has made a number of friends, which is huge for him. This is an ongoing goal for him, as many of his new friends were only his friends for a short time. After getting all of the different evaluations done this year pertaining to his behavior and school performance, we have a better idea as to how to work towards better reaching this goal.

Jacob did not reach his goal of growing a mustache :)  He had chosen to work on sharing more, which he did reach fairly early this year.

The goals I had set for myself, many I did not reach. I gave quite a bit of thought to returning to school, but just never signed up. I'm still on the fence if I want to complete my teaching degree or to give being a sign language interpreter or a combination of the two (teach to deaf students). For the majority of the year I did get to bed earlier, which was still to late to be heading off to bed. I did absolutely nothing towards losing weight, but somehow managed to maintain the weight I started at. I mostly stuck to setting aside time for me to do the things I enjoy without it taking away from time spent with my boys or my having to stay up later. I completed many new crochet projects this year and read many books. My scrapbooking unfortunately was neglected the whole year.

Our family goals were reached to some extent, there was great effort put into them. After completing our Winter Bucket List we worked thought a much shorter Summer Bucket List, we however opted to take a break for any and all bucket lists as our days started filling with other activities and challenges. We completed the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge although we did not reach the whole 1000 hours with the one year time frame, we are still proud of the 782 hours we logged. (You can see how we spent some of those hours here) Our goal of getting organized was kind of generalized, we did get our house more organized and have kept the clutter under control. The boys are still learning which was work best for them to keep themselves organized. We (aka Mom) set a high goal of books to be read 2014, with the goal of 100 (chapter) books per person. After acknowledging the troubles Joey had with reading I altered it to a collective 400 (chapter) books read for the family. While everyone gave our goal a tremendous effort, we didn't quite reach 400. I think we had too many activities vying for our attention to fully reach our goal of 1000 Hours Outside and to read 400 books. We were either running around outside or inside curled up with a book.

Our grand total of books read are:

Jacob read 57 books (7,094 pages read within the year).  He was my competition when it came to books read. Jacob loves to read and fly through a stack of books when the mood strikes him. He also re-read a couple books and read bits and pieces of others without completing them.

Joey read 13 books (1,242 pages read). As my reluctant reader I'm very proud of him for completing 13 books cover to cover. He also likes to read bits and pieces of books, or will start one and get bored with it.

Jordan read 42 books (14,179 pages)  Jordan was my competition for most pages read. He loves to read, but also is trying to balance his love for reading with hanging out with friends, sports and homework. Considering that he is 14, I counting 42 books as a great feet. 

I read 58 books (16,233) pages Only one of the books was one I had read previously. I love to re-read many of my favorites. 58 books read while still running a household, taking care of 3 boys, and still finding time for crafting, isn't to shabby.

The were only reached 170 books (38,748 pages) read, which is really short of our goal.I know that by setting a goal help motivate my boys to read more. While most of us really enjoy reading, I don't think we would have read nearly as many books without setting the goal. I have to admit in hind sight that our goal was a bit high. I'll have to start it lower and work our way up to 100 books per person.

Keep your eye peeled for which goals we set to accomplish in 2015