Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Magic of Our Local Library

We have signed up for every event our library is hosting this summer. So marking off a library event was going to be very simple for us, between the summer reading program, science crafts, and magic/science shows. It just so happened that we ended up really participating in one of the events.

The first event of the summer was a performance of the Science of Magic. Jordan really wasn't into watching the performance because it was going to be lame and he would most likely already know how all the tricks were done, but he was low on reading material so he tagged along. I think mostly just to humor me, but I'll take what I can get. Turns out the "magician" was really impressed with Jordan's theories of how the tricks were done. We all learned a few tricks we had not known before hand. During the presentation the magician keep the kids (and their adults) engaged by asking question to test our knowledge. It made me laugh on how often my boys were tossing out their hypothesises. All 3 had their hand in the air for most of the show either with a question or to answer a question. The magician made a comment a couple of times to the effect of "who is your mother? Is your mom a teacher? You're the brother of Mr. Awesome (Jordan was wearing a shirt that said Awesome) back there? That's one of your kids, isn't it? " I've got to tell you that it felt great to hear someone praise my boys and to hear my efforts to teach them praised. I was so proud to see that things I've taught my kids when I wasn't sure they were really paying attention had taken root in their memories.

We became part of the act in more ways than just helping with leading questions and educated guesses. Jordan was pulled on "stage" to help with a few experiments. Joey, Jordan and I all were able to participate in a demonstration of Newton's law. A nice mom took pictures for us and emailed them to me.

While literately taking part in the library event was great and the boys had a blast (even Jordan), I think the best part is it sparked Jacob's interest in science experiments, Joey borrowed some books about Albert Einstein, and Jordan grabbed some magic trick books. I'm so glad we added this to our bucket list this summer.