Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Look! Something Shiny!

Summer 2013 Lake Huron
The boys and I seem to have a habit of getting distracted when we go places or when we're in the middle an activity. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, just something I noticed. Often we will have a destination in mind, see a sign for something or somewhere else, and change our route. We have made wonderful memories on our detoured adventures. Last summer while on our way to Fort Gratoit Lighthouse, we saw the advertisement for the Floating Lighthouse (Lightboat). While the Floating Lighthouse was not nearly as exciting as we had hoped, we did learn some cool things.The lightboat was right there along Lake Huron so we walked the boardwalk, which lead to discussions about Canada and languages spoke there and some of their cultures. The younger two were fascinated they could be standing in one country and be looking at a different one.

We get distracted a lot, such was the case while we attempted to mark off our bucket list activity of finding 5 Geocaches. We found a walking trail in which over 50 "caches" were hidden. We only managed to locate 2 out of the 6 we were searching for before the mosquitoes got the better of us. We almost called it quits for the day because we weren't having much luck finding the ones we were looking for. We set off to try a different neighborhood. Jordan and I found another "cache" that we were both afraid to touch, we actually used a stick to poke it before we figured out it was what we were looking for. Feeling that we should be able to find all 5 Geocaches in one day we moved on to our next location. Which turned out to be an open field on corner in a subdivision with no parking on either side of the street. Part of Geocaching is your not suppose to be seen by "Muggles" (yes, like from Harry Potter), so we needed to find somewhere to park and be able to blend in. We ended up on a side street a short distance for our "cache" and ended up parked right in front of a really neat little park. We looked for of hidden treasure for a short time, but the boys wanted to check out the playground. Figuring 3 geo finds was a great start towards our goal of five, we went to play instead.

While playing at the new park that is less than 5 miles from our home that we never realized was there, Jacob pointed out that we once again added visit a new playground to our bucket list. So unintentionally we still managed to mark off a bucket list item. We haven't been back to that playground yet, but plan to in the near future. This turned out to be the first of many new playgrounds we found this summer while working on other bucket list activities.