Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Post That Really isn't a Post (But I managed time to sit and write)

I'm so far behind on blogging!! We have been busy just about nonstop and when I finally have a moment to sit and relax, I can't find the motivation to even inch my way to the computer. When the kiddos head off to bed, I head outside to spend some time with friends just to sit and chat without any of the kiddos around. Also I have been crocheting away trying to earn some extra cash for Jordan's
8th grade trip. It's a gloomy kind of day and the boys are engrossed in a movie, so I'll try a quick post.

Let me see, what all have we been up to.... The younger two boys attended a twilight camp last week through cub scouts. I had planned on spending the quiet hours they were at camp to sit and attempt to catch up the blog. Once getting to the camp, I couldn't bring myself to miss all the photo opportunities while they were working on new skills and crafts. We all ended up staying the whole 5 hours for all 3 days of camp. Jordan being the "tag-along" busied himself with helping out at each of the activities. The second day there Jordan was given an "official" staff shirt and was posted at the archery booth. He was more than happy to help the younger scouts and even found some of his schoolmates to hang out with. All the activities the boys worked on while at the camp will go towards either one of their requirements or a belt loop. A more in depth look at what went on at camp will be in a post in the near future (hopefully).

We didn't make a Spring Bucket List due to our hectic schedules at the time. We have however made a point of resuming the bucket list for the summer. We are sticking with the shorter lists and only have 30 activities on it. There are some activities that were on our list last summer that are pretty much a given every year so we did not include them on this years list. Also there are some fun things we plan on doing and some new places we plan on checking out that also didn't make it onto our lists. We have been flying through our bucket list and are currently half way through. Again, there should be a post (or more) in the near future about which activities we have already completed. If you missed this summer's bucket list you can find it here.

We have been taking advantage of as many free events we can, that are within a reasonable distance from our home (and planning to attend more in the coming months. There has been some great bounds made towards out 1000 Hours Outside, as the boys have taken up a new "sport"; skateboarding. Of course, we have been swimming as much as the weather allows.

Just wanted to let everyone know I have not forgot about writing. I have been enjoying family time was teenage attitude has lessened some. I promise more detailed posts to follow.