Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Berries and a Birthday

Due to the rough winter the strawberries came in late this year. It just so happened that we went on Joey's birthday to get our berries. Last year Papa had mentioned that if we go strawberry picking again he would like to come along, so this year Papa joined us. I was hoping for a bounty of strawberries like we were able to pick last year. The difficult winter had greatly effected the size and numbers of berries. We started back near the sign that said "best picking" but most of the berries were over ripe or close to it, although there many to pick. We inched our way to the "better picking" and they were a nice shade of red, but not many on the plants. Feeling a bit discouraged we headed over to where there was no sign and managed to find an abundance of strawberries, however they were on the smaller side. Papa was able after some time to fill his bin to take back to Grandma. We (or more accurately I) mostly filled our bin. The boys just weren't as into picking their own this year. Joey was less than pleased to even be in the strawberry patch, he just wanted to get home to unwrap his present. Joey also made a point to inform the whole patch that he doesn't even like strawberries and it was his birthday, and he shouldn't have to pick fruit he's not going to eat...LOL! I think we had a smoother time last year, because there were so many big, juicy strawberries. That and it was quick picking. Last year we filled our bin in less than an 45 minutes and this year it was just over and hour and a half. We all enjoyed our berries later that evening, except Joey :)

After gathering our strawberries Papa hung out at our house for a little while to play with the boys and to watch Joey open his present from mom. Joey was very anxious to open his gift because he thought he had correctly guessed what it was, a new pogo stick. However his guess was incorrect he was over the moon excited about what he did receive, a Ripstix!!! Some friends of our received Ripstix as a Christmas present and Joey had loved trying them out. He borrowed them as often as he could and really wished to have one of his own. He truly didn't believe that he would get one of his own because they cost $65 and mom doesn't not buy expensive gifts (that's Santa's job). After opening his gift the trauma of picking strawberries was quickly forgotten. He was able to should Papa some of his tricks before Papa needed to get home to Grandma.

Over the weekend we celebrated Joey's birthday with Papa and Grandma at their house. Where more gifts were given and more cake on ice cream were had.