Monday, March 17, 2014

Winter Bucket List-

Winter is almost over, well at least according to the calendar. I don't know about you but I'm ready for it to come to an end. We had a taste of nicer weather this past week with temps in the 40's and are so ready to enjoy more sunny warmer days. We didn't really mark anything off out list this past week, I could resist letting the boys run and burn their energy OUTSIDE. We also had to finish up their pinewood derby cars which have to be turned in tomorrow, so we spend our colder days working on those.

While we didn't accomplish much from our list this week other than work on completing our coloring book, some things did get marked off. More accurately crossed off a couple things. We were going to make out sock snowmen but our directions for making them could not be fond. I posted them both on my personal Facebook page and on my Pinterest board so we could refer back to them and I just couldn't locate them, maybe they'll reappear next winter.

Reverse meals didn't make the cut this time around and we opted to take it off our list. While it was a ton of fun the last time it was on our list, just not so much the second time.

We decided to go ahead and mark off Boys cook dinner as they have all been responsible for preparing at least dinner a week for a couple weeks now. They all cook like I do and prefer to be the sole person in the kitchen while cooking. Jordan says that it still counts because I didn't specify if they all had t prepare a dinner together or just each of them prepare dinner.

We have struggled to make our candy icicles just about every week since January 18th. We started another batch this week, I'm determined to make this work. While we still trying to actually make them we're going to go ahead and mark it off our list based on effort alone.

This is the first time we have removed items from our lists, but it's also the first time since starting the bucket lists that we have had really busy schedules. We're okay with that (we'll, I'm working on being okay with it). The whole reason we accepted the bucket list challenge was to bring us closer as a family and make some really cool memories. We have done that even with removing a couple items.

Don't count us a done yet, we work well under pressure and plan to complete the remaining four items. We still have 3 days :)