Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Winter Bucket List Update

Things around here have been a bit crazy, but we were able to check a couple more items from our bucket list. Due to everything been so chaotic we chose a couple simple ones to do.

We finally made our candles, we had planned to do them a couple of times and something always came up and they got pushed to the back burner. Originally we were going to use soy wax, as it super easy to clean up. However the opportunity to actually sit and make the candles presented itself when we didn't have the wax. We are getting really good at improvising so we improvised our candles. We have a coffee can full of extra crayons, you know the ones no one will color with because they're not new and are worn down. I set the boys about peeling the paper off the colors they wanted to use for there candles, while I boiled some water and made tinfoil "boats". After de-papering 9 crayons a piece they thought they had enough for their candles. We broke up the crayons into smaller pieces and tossed them into the tinfoil boats and waited for them to melt down, it only took a couple of minutes. For our candle shape we used paper bathroom cups, and pouter the melted wax into them; along with adding a wick. So tour candles weren't plain layers of different colors the boys tilted their cups. Once one layer had cooled, we started the process again with the other crayons. With the addition of each color they tipped their cups the opposite direction, but allowing the finally layer to lay flat. After all the wax was set (which in our case wasn't much wax) they peeled away the paper cup. Ta-Da! Homemade candles! Nine crayons a piece wasn't nearly enough, we probably should have used nine of each color. We still have left over wicks and will probably try making these again but with using the soy wax. The only catch to making candles from crayons is crayons melt really easily (ever have a crayon left laying in a sunny spot), so  be mindful of where you place the finished product.

Our cherry pie was added to our list mainly as a Valentine activity, but we were busy with other things on Valentine's Day and didn't get around to it. This weekend was the best timing for a cherry pie, as we have had almost no "junk food" to snack for about a month and we were all craving extra sugar and carbs. We took the easy way on this one too, as cherries aren't in season so we using canned cherry filling. Seems we were already cheating using the filling we grabbed premade crusts also. The boys divided the minimal steps up and each helped with constructing our pie. What is pie without some ice cream? So we just had to go buy some vanilla ice :)

Mom vs. Kids on video games has happened a couple time this past winter, this past week be decided it was time to officially mark it off our list. I was beaten by all three boys of multiple rounds of Skylander Giants. I was told that I needed to practice playing video games more :)

There was also more slow progress made towards finishing the coloring book. We have been brainstorming alterative ways to get candy icicles to workout for us.