Monday, March 3, 2014

Weaving Through Our Bucket List

There are only a couple more weeks until Spring officially starts, yet we only checked one item from our list this week.

We had started our winter themed family story, we started off strong but were getting goofier wit every addition to the story. We decided to put it off until we could focus on it better. We have a good start on it and should be able to finish it this week.

The only thing we managed to finish beginning to end we actually switched it up for a more purposeful result. On list item was shoebox weaving, a nice easy fun activity; however we couldn't think of anything to use the finished product for. Joey bought me a round loom set for Christmas and we used that instead. It's close to weaving and the end results were hats the created by themselves. After a quick visit to the craft store for yarn colors of their choice, Jordan started his hat. They had to take turns on this project as they all needed the same size loom. Jordan finished his rather quickly, but complained half way through he became bored with it. Joey absolutely loved making his hat. While we were at the store he just couldn't decide which colors we wanted to use. Being such a resourceful child he dug through my extra yarn and created his own "bulky" yarn. The colors he chose were too thin for the hat to look right and he doubled up each color twisting them together. Realizing tat doubling them up he would not have enough to make a full hat he grabbed another color to mix up the pattern some. Jacob had a difficult time with his and required some help from mom. He looped the yarn and mom pulled the loops over. Joey had so much fun making his hat (he's my crafty kid) he made a mini one for his favorite stuffed animal. They are so proud of the hats they made for themselves by themselves, that they actually put their hats on when they were outside (Hallelujah!! Now just get them to zip their coats).

I just realized I missed including one of our list activities on last Monday's link-up. I was so focused on Jacob's birthday and the fun we had camping that I forgot to include when we walked a nature trail earlier in the week. We have a few favorite trials we walk, but switched it up and tried one at a nearby beach. They boys really liked this trail, it was rather short and there were no hills to climb. The flat ground was nice seems we were trudging through a few inches of snow. While searching for the owl nest that was to be in the trees near the path Joey spotted something flying in the sky like a parasail. Once we finished the trail we drove over to the beach to figure out what was flying around. Jordan and Jacob chose to stay back at the nature center where it was warm while Joey and I ventured out.

There were huge mounds of snow to maneuver around to even get close to the beach, I walked around them Joey climb up and over most of them. We weren't actually where the beach began because everything was covered in inches and inches of snow. We walked where we were sure there wouldn't be any ice under us. From where we were it did look like people were parasailing, and we worked our way across the beach Joey was fascinated by the new to us sport. We watched two guys let the wind pull them around and making jumps off snow ramps. There was sail lying on the ground and someone was having a hard time getting the wind to catch it. It didn't look like the were going to be flying away anytime soon so we made our way over to figure out what exactly they were doing. It's a sport called Kiteboarding.  You strap a snow board to your feet and us a giant sail to send you sliding across the ground. They were moving pretty fast too. After a half hour of watching memorized Joey shouted "I GOTTA TRY THAT!" (Right Buddy, you weigh nothing and would float away!! I didn't tell him that of course.) Being out in the open you can really feel the chill in the air and we went back to warm up and scoop up the other two from the nature center.