Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Bucket List Update

Winter Bucket List Link-up day!!! While I would love to tell you that we marked a ton of stuff from our lists, we only have two to report this week. Saturdays are great days for us to mark off some of our items, but this past Saturday we spent the day helping a friend mark off some of their items instead.

The weather is taking it's sweet time to warm up we have been trying to stay active indoors. Joey received a much wanted "disco ball" from Santa and our dance party seemed like a good time to use it. Sadly once it was set up we discovered the light bulb was burnt out, so no disco ball this time. Between Jordan and I we set up a playlist using the computer, IPod, and our phone, so when one song ended we could switch devices and continue the music nonstop. There was an interesting mix of music from 80's music, country, hip hop, rap, line dances, heavy metal (no "head banging" allowed), and YMCA, The Hokey Pokey, and The Chicken Dance. We chose to dance in our pajamas so we could be extra comfortable. When we have a dance party it ends up being quiet a workout. After about an hour and a half of nonstop bopping around, our neighbors came home and we had to turn down our music and decided that we had had enough dancing anyways. I usually don't tape us goofing around, but decided to tape some of our dance moves as the boys are pretty inventive with theirs. While we were cooling down after dancing we watched the tape of our wonderful performance, I have some real characters on my hands. Somehow during dancing the boys had found opportunities to get their faces right in the camera and give pointers on their dance moves :) I also took tons of pictures in hopes of getting a handful that were not blurry.

They were watching YouTube and trying to copy the steps.

I'm not actually sure what moves they were doing here.
But look to be totally in their dancing zones.

We also restarted our candy icicles yesterday. Fingers crossed that the crystals climb the skewers instead of setting on the bottom of the jars again. I honesty don't remember it being this difficult to grow crystal when I was younger. If the project flops again, I may have to do some more digging for a different recipe.

We have been working on completing our whole coloring book, just about half way through it. This is an activity that is way more time consuming then I though it would be. The boys have actually done better about sitting down to color this time around (our summer book only had a handful of pages colored). When some one needs time to sit down and chill out I try to encourage them to work on a page or two from our book. I don't know about you, but I think it can be relaxing to color.

That's it for this week. This week we will be starting our official winter break and have a few activities planned to do during our time off.  Valentine's Day is this week also and we have a couple items that kind of theme around it.