Monday, February 24, 2014

Last Week Of February-Menu Plan Monday

Liking up once again with The Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Mondays. I tend to do better sticking with the plan when I actually link it up. So this week's menu as follows

Sunday: Cornflake chicken, chicken flavored noodles, and peas

Monday: Taco Salad, Spanish rice, and corn (Thinking warmer thoughts with his one, it's a summertime favorite)

Tuesday: Soup, salad, and sandwiches

Wednesday: Meatballs & gravy over noodles (for the kids) over rice (for mom), and broccoli

Thursday: Apple chicken sausage, applesauce, broccoli & rice, and green beans

Friday: Spinach lasagna, garlic bread, and corn

Saturday: Left overs

I have mentioned our cornflake chicken a times. This is one of my kids' favorites because there are so many ways they get to help out with preparing it. We started making this as a gluten free variation of our breaded chicken. It is so simple to make. We use cereal for ours, but I have seen corn flake crumbs used also. We toss a couple cups of the cereal into our chopper, 2-3 cups for 4 chicken steaks (we leave the pieces somewhat on the bigger side as that's they way my kiddos like it). There are many ways to "chop" the corn flakes, to get the kids involved we have tossed them in a bag and let them mash 'em to pieces. When we first started making this I use to coat the chicken in melted butter, but no longer bother with it. It cooks and tastes the same to us. Toss the chopped/smashed/crunched corn flake pieces and a chicken steak into a bag and shake. Once coated place on a greased baking sheet. Cook at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.