Monday, February 3, 2014

Too Busy Having Fun

It's Monday!! A day I look forward all week, not only are my two favorite shows on tonight and the kiddos head back to school, but it's Bucket List Link-up day. I enjoy seeing what everyone one else has done from their list as much as I love sharing what has and has not worked from our list.

I'm sadden to report that this week we have nothing to really share. While we did have a dance party, I versed the boys on video games, and we played board games, we did them just for the sheer fun of it. With all the snow/cold days home from school we had to find ways to keep ourselves entertained. Plus we won't count them because we love having pictures to document our journey as we work through our seasonal lists. I was having too much fun just being in the moment spending time with my boys that it never crossed my mind to snap a coupe pictures. So in the future there will be pictures as we do these activities again with our list in mind.

Last week I had mentioned that we would be restarting our "candy icicles", I had even intension of doing so until I spent about an hour chipping the sugar that crystalized on the bottom of our glasses.

The boys seemed to have discovered our coloring book we are working on completing and have colored quite a few pages this week.

While the link-up is posted every week so that everyone an share their progress that week, does not mean that you have to do something every week from your list. Life gets busy and with everything else as moms we have to thing about and to plan, there are weeks that we just can't squeeze in a bucket list activity.. THAT'S OKAY. I'm co-hosting the link-up and have nothing to report, it happens and we all understand. Please still stop by and see what everyone else may have marked off. You never know what might spark a creative craft or meal to try in your house.

Hopefully we'll have more to share next week :) Have a great week, everyone!