Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is It A Full Moon?!

Today had been a day of ups and downs starting from the moment we woke up. Joey has not been staying asleep well lately was awake before the rest of us. He was entertaining himself so quietly that I didn't even know he was up until Jordan started yelling at him. Jordan likes to have his "me time" in the mornings before school starts. I'm all for this as I get to sleep in a little bit extra. The days that that Joey is awake first throws Jordan instantly into a bad mood. It doesn't matter that Joey respects Jordan's time alone or not, it's the fact that Joey is awake and doing something somewhere in the house. On these mornings there usually a couple bad moods going around before seven in the morning. Jordan is upset that his routine is now thrown off. Joey is not happy about getting screamed at just for playing quietly and basically just being awake. I'm less than please by getting woken up 15 minutes earlier to the sounds of my kids screaming at each other. This morning was one of those mornings and Jordan was being especially rude and disrespectful towards his brother. Poor Jordan, this morning we got stopped by a train on the way to school and it was a very long train. I took the added 10 minutes to lecture him on the way he treats other people, as well as the whole way to school (I was rally upset. I however did not raise my voice; I'm still an orange rhino).

Once everyone was at school I started tackling cleaning the boys' rooms, because we tend to be happier when everything is nice and tidy. I normally don't clean their rooms, it's their space and they can keep it however they wish to. If it gets to messy for me to safely walk in to tuck them in they can either meet me at their doorway for hugs and kisses or tidy up their space. Today the younger boys' room was the worst I have seen their room, it was getting close to being a hazard and I was worried that in case of a fire they wouldn't be able to claw their way out. I also took the time to sort through and organize their toy boxes seems I was in there. I really wish I had taken a before picture, after just over two hours I'm almost done with it. When the boys got home and  told them I was almost finished cleaning their room the tore up the stairs to see if they could figure out which toys the hadn't played with had been tossed in the dumpster. They couldn't pinpoint any so I'm in the clear (this time), I did manage to get rid of 5 shopping bags of toys that were broken, missing pieces or just weren't good quality toys.

After school went better than the morning had. Jordan and I did some running around and set up two appointments for Friday that correspond with our Winter Bucket List. The later of he two Jordan is really excited about, he had been there years earlier with his cub scout den and had loved spending time there. (There will more about those Monday on our Winter Bucket List Link-Up). After getting the younger two from school we hung out for a bit going class to class to see if any of the teachers could use some of the books my kids had outgrown. I do this from time to time as our book collection starts taking over our bookshelf. The boys were very helpful, except Joey was willing to part with any of the books even though he refused to read some of them. Joey conceded to keeping one book from the stack and the others were being donated. Most of the teacher we visited were in the younger grades and Joey was having a hard time not playing with the toys in every room. On our way out of the school Joey notices he doesn't have the book he had rescued and the school doors were already locked. Fingers crossed that he can find it in the lost and found in the morning.

We had a roast for dinner that I had tossed in the slower cooker before school. I was pleased with myself that two days in a row not only was dinner completely done by 5:15, but that we were sitting down to eat before 6:00. Then the kids burst my bubble a bit and reminded me that I "cheated" with a slow cooker roast just a few days ago. See what happens when I don't link up with I'm a Organizing Junkie for Menu plan Mondays. Well we can't have plain old roast again so soon, so we smothered it with BBQ sauce and made BBQ beef sandwiches instead.

Now the early dinner time was key today as it is one of our scout night and have to get homework finished also before heading out the door. Scouts turned into an adventure. Tonight Joey was the scout and the other boys had brought things along to occupy themselves. Jordan had homework to finish, but kept asking for assistance. Jacob was working on some math flashcards with me until Jordan grabbed my attention than he ducked over to another table to play Pok√©mon (we never did make it through the flashcards). Joey was in rare form (I guess it isn't really all that rare for Joey, but he was being "more Joey" than usual). Every adult tonight had tried getting Joey to focus on the task the den was working on, he just couldn't get it together tonight. I almost made him leave his meeting early because of him being disruptive, the only reason I didn't is because the other scouts were beyond goofy and easily distracted tonight too.

On the way home from scouts one of the boys during their stream of nonstop talking mentioned how cool the full moon looked. Well, that's explains the roller coaster of a day we had.