Monday, April 27, 2015

The Heidelberg Project

For years I have been planning on taking my boys down to Detroit to see the Heidelberg Project. Life would get in the way and another year would pass without going. A couple years ago I was determined to go check out the project, seems even Grandma had been to visit. That was the year that a couple houses in the project fell victim to arson. So Saturday morning when I thought of going, I decided that we should just go; like right then, before our day filled up with other activities.

 The project is only the size of a city block. It is like no other city block though. We ended up spending over an hour looking at everything. The houses are painted and decorated with everyday trash to make unique pieces of artwork. It really is a place you have to visit to fully experience it. As we walked down the street, I was really sadden we would not be able to see the houses that fell victim to the fires as they were before. However, what remained of the burnt houses did show signs that they were remembered; items that had decorated those houses were placed back upon the remnants.We even got to met Tyree Guyton the founder of the project; Joey preformed a skit for him on the "Heidelberg Television"
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  Pictures of some of the houses that were destroyed, and how things are beginning to be rebuilt.

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