Saturday, April 4, 2015

2015 Resolutions March Progress

March was not a productive month for us at all!! Other than the boys working on their goals nothing from our list was accomplished. Jacob is doing much better with his volume control, although he still has some room for improvement. Joey has been all over the place, his behavior seemed to vary day to day, only one major outburst over a homework assignment. Jordan mouth is still always running, but at least it seems like he's realizing that sometimes less is more.

Now to all I haven't done this past month. Still no couponing going on, I may just scratch this from my person list. The TV is still hooked up to the cable. Still working on getting a weekly menu going again so I can schedule in "from scratch" meals, so that one didn't get done either. My scrapbooks finally found their way back into the dark corner of my closet. I've been up way to late chatting with friends or stressing over issues pertaining to friends. So with the lack of sleep there was no way I was going to even think about cutting down my coffee intake :). Morning workouts haven't happened, however I have been getting some walking in most days, at least a mile each walk. My relationship with God hit a couple bumps this month, but is back on track now. I'm looking forward to another growth group starting up in April.

There has been very little reading going on. Jordan has been the only one of us who sat still long enough to read, he added another 2 books to his total.

That's it for our update. Not very impressive, we need to really step it up around here.