Thursday, March 5, 2015

What Did We Really Do in February? Part 2 Happy Birthday, Jacob!

I can't believe that I completely forgot to post about the highlight of our month, Jacob turned 9!!! This is the last year that any of my kiddos will be in the single digits. Jacob's milestones are always bitter-sweet for me, I'm thrilled that he is growing and moving on to new stages, but he's my baby (probably my last baby).

This year we had another low key party for him, which only included the four of us and Papa and Grandma. We also celebrated at Papa and Grandma's house, since Grandma was in charge of his birthday treat. Jacob decided against a cake jam packed with dyes and thought he's like a pie instead. At first he wanted a graham cracker pie like Uncle Jason then at the last minute changed his mind and a lemon meringue pie. Our family believes the best lemon filing comes from Canada (their filing is also dye free) and Grandma hand some on hand, so she made his birthday pie.  Along with opening a few gifts from us he and his brothers spent some time playing outside and built a bonfire. As his birthday dinner he chose fried chicken, because we don't eat fried anything at our house.