Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Did We Really Do in February? Part 1

While much of February seems to have passed in a blur, I do remember all the really cold days cooped up in the house. There were quiet a few snow/cold days from school too. I knew we had to have done something other than hide away all snug and warm in the house. Then I remembered I take pictures of EVERYTHING. Looking through my phone I was able to jog my memory of the many fun things we have done.

One of our church campus was hosting a Winter Blast about a half hour from our home. The boys and I loaded up snowboards and sled for a fun day of playing in all the snow. They had a huge mound of snow in their parking lot for the kids to sled down. Even had a nice little walking path to make hiking up the snow mountain easier. There were different style sleds that the church provided and everyone was really nice about sharing their sleds. Besides the sledding there were many other activities to keep everyone happy while getting some fresh air. There was an ice skating area, we had to pass on that because none of us own ice skates. Joey being the creative child he is found a way around not having ice skates and took a disc sled over the the ice and a guy was kind enough to slide Joey around on the sled. Jacob got a big kick out the "human foosball". There was a tractor behind the snow mountain that was giving sled rides. Even I couldn't pass that up! Not wanting to look silly I had Jordan go for a ride with me :) Joey also tried out the pedal cars/tractors, which were a lot of work in the snow. I thought it was a wonderful idea that they had fire pits setup so that while the parents warmed up they could still keep an eye on their kids. After exhausting ourselves playing we headed into the church for free hot dogs, chips, cookies and hot chocolate (and coffee for the parents). They had a couple "special shows" set up, they tosses dyed water in pop bottles using a catapult. Then there was my favorite "show" they blew up Olaf!! They had two different showings of when they exploded a snowman. My boys like when there was a short wait just before the exploding snowman and everyone was given the opportunity to throw snowballs at one of the pastors. Pastor Tim use to preach at our church before moving to our new campus. Poor Pastor Tim, the kids really let him have it with the snow balls. While Jordan stayed outside playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at the volunteers (they said he could, I asked them) the younger two and I went in to warm up. Inside they had two bouncy castles set up and music playing. There were too many little kids in the bouncy castles so I didn't get to bounce with my boys. I did get up and do a couple dances with them though.

Bye-Bye snowman :)
cute little snowman

After spending four or five hours playing in the snow, you'd think we would be beat. Nope, not us! There was a glow in the dark ice skating down by Grandma and Papa's. After a quick phone call and inviting ourselves to their house for dinner we were headed for some ice skating. Jacob opted to hang back with Grandma and play at her house, while Papa and I took the older two skating. What an adventure that turned out to be. I hadn't been on a pair of ice skates since I was about Joey's age and I wasn't real steady on them then. We get to the ice rink and to say it was crowded would be an understatement. Once we finally rented our skates and made our way to the ice Jordan took off whipping around the ring. Which left me struggling for my footing on my own while I waited for Joey to catch up to me. Joey and Papa only made it once around the ice rink before Joey's skates were bothering his ankles. I thought Papa took him inside to exchange his skates. Nope, they turned them in. When I went inside to see why it was taking so long to exchange them and where do I find Papa and Joey, in line to buy nachos!! Papa and Joey watched as Jordan raced around the ring and I slowly made my way. I am very proud to say, while I was extremely slow moving I did not fall :)

Jordan on the move
they were on the ice