Sunday, May 10, 2015

We Love Our Mom Because...

So I'm writing this because its mothers day and my mom deserves some praise. She is always putting us first, she will tell us she never really like pie even if its her favorite kind because we asked for the last piece. She is always driving us places. I love her because she puts up with me even when she doesn't want to. She helps me with my patients because she has mood swings fast enough to give me whip-lash. That might be because I am so much like her so I know how to push her buttons. (Jordan, age 14)

hi mom I <3 you because u take care of us and care for us and puts up with me. (Joey, age 10)

Hi mom I think you deserve more than what we give so here a list of what you do for me.You kiss me good night you feed me you clouth me you are my favorite you protect me you need to turn around and give me a hug .I<3 my mom. (Jacob, age 9)