Friday, October 3, 2014

Year Long Goals Progress- September (Part-1)

Time again for a progress check on our year long goals. It has been an interesting month around here and some of us had done better than others. I'll post about just the boys today because I have quite a story to share about one of them. Tomorrow I'll share my progress and our progress with family goals.

Jacob continues to share nicely although of late it has been more challenging for him. With the cooler and wetter days we have all been contained in the house together more. Right now he is working on that it is okay to play a game by yourself that you don't always have to let your brothers play with you.

Joey says that while he is struggling to get along with his teacher that he is getting along great with his classmates. I worry that they may not actually be being "a good friend" to Joey, that they know he's reaching out to them so desperately that they may be taking advantage of his friendship. He has befriended a little girl (maybe 4/5 years old) whose brothers are also on Jacob's soccer team and they entertain each other during the soccer games.

Jordan, my dear sweet Jordan, what can I say about him. He started off the month doing awesome and finally earned his IPod back. I was so proud of him! He was really watching the sass-talk, keeping up with this school work, getting along with his brothers and helping around the house. We had an agreement when I handed the IPod to him that he would need to budget his usage, I would only give him the charger on Fridays (should have been no problem seems we don't use electronics during the week). He agreed that he didn't think he could regulate himself fully and that this was a great way for him to learn the responsibility. He did great for about 2 days then his battery was already at 20%, I warned him that when the battery was dead that he was done until Friday. The next day he was on it for a couple hours again  I asked what the battery was on it and he said 20%. His reasoning was that day before it was at "almost 20%" that it actually had been at 38%. Sounds fishy right!?! I let it go even thought I thought he wasn't being honest. Just before I went to bed (around 1 am) I went to check on him and he was still on the IPod! According to the battery it was at 80%. I knew I had the charger hidden so he couldn't have gotten to it. His excuse was that Apple is so awesome that they have a function that if you shut off the electronic when it is at 20% that it will recharge itself (anyone else wish this was actually true). Still I didn't say anything, although I knew he was lying right to my face; he and I had a talk about a week before that I never believe him. I acted so excited about the news and wanted to see this first hand and told him I was taking for the night to see if it really worked. Surprise in the morning it wasn't recharged, Who knew! He said that I had only put it in sleep mode that I had to totally power it down, so instead of him taking to school to listen to music in 2nd hour (his teacher apparently allows the students to do this) it stayed with me. When I picked him up from school I again acted surprised that it didn't charge. I told him that I was probably doing something wrong although I followed his instructions. While on our walk around the neighborhood while we waited for the other boys to get out of school, he finally told me the truth- he gave it to a neighbor to charge for him. While this didn't sound like something he would do, I let it slide, desperate times call for desperate measures. He lost the charger for that Friday and had to wait until the following week to recharge it, seems he had already recharged it that week. He claimed that he understood and he was sorry. I told him that while I don't like lying it really hurt that he thought I was gullible enough to believe his story.  Wait, It gets better! That night, the very night after he understood that him having the IPod charged undermined the lesson I was trying to teach him about being responsible, he had his IPod on a charger in his room. Unbelievable right?! I was watching tv in  my room with the lights off after I sent the boys to bed and I think he thought I had fallen asleep or something. My boys know that I don't go to bed "early" so he was shocked when I walked in his room at 10:30 pm and caught him red handed with a spare charger I had forgotten Papa and Grandma had bought for him! SO that was end of the IPod, after lying to me too many times and not keeping his end of the agreement it was gone. So he didn't do real well with monitoring his electronic time. Don't tell him I'm saying this, but I have to give him credit for finding other resources to charge the IPod until he earned his back.